Cruising with Carnival

This blog is about my experiences on board various Carnival "funships"

Cruise #9… Night 1 of 5 April 14, 2010

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Night 1… Jenn’s birthday. Not only is it her birthday but it is her 21st… which means we are celebrating the entire cruise! After getting ready we all head to dinner where we sing happy birthday to Jenn for the… umm maybe 5th time today. (more…)


Cruise #9… Carnival Fascination August 2009 April 13, 2010

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So I know that I am jumping ahead several cruises but I have to write about this one now! This cruise is my all time favorite cruise ever!!! So this cruise was before I started my senior year of college and also for my best friends 21st birthday. We were ready to party on the funship!
As soon as we board the ship we pick out our chairs and wait for all of the other passengers to board (hoping we will meet some fun people… especially if they happen to be male). So here we are, sitting in the sun waiting for the ship to set sail! And wow this is amazing! Great music, great food, great drinks, and great company!
And then time for the lifeboat safety drill rolls around… this is honestly the only part that I do not enjoy on a cruise. But we made it fun by taking pictures the entire time. So the first night on the ship was Jenn’s birthday… To be continued


About to board the Carnival Fascination

Soaking up the sun!!

Lifeboat safety drill!



Carnival Imagination… Round 2 April 8, 2010

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So here we were in Ocho Rios!!! This time we booked the Dunes River Falls excursion where we got to board the “Cool Runnings” party boat and take a short trip to Dunes River Falls! We were going to get to climb a waterfall and we were definitely excited (but remember, if you decide to do this excursion… take your own shoes!!!). I remember my mom telling me “Sahana, you better wear tennis shoes they won’t let you climb in flip flops or barefoot”, but did I listen… (more…)


Sailing the Carnival Imagination… Round 1 March 25, 2010

As you know from the past two posts, my first cruise was well pretty much amazing! I wasn’t a big fan of Nassau but the whole being on a ship thing… fabulous! I contined asking my parents when I could go again, the next summers were of course vacations at the beach… then… (more…)


My first “Fun Ship” Continued…

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Wrong again!!! There were about 6 or 8 of us so we got a taxi which was a van so we could all ride together, we thought ok this can not be nearly as bad as the “Mary Jane”. By the time we got back to the dock and out of the van (I swear we were two wheels like 70% of the way back) we were thanking God that we made it back safe.

We boarded the ship and felt like we were living in a dream for the next couple of days until it was over…


My first “Fun Ship”

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My favorite childhood memories are those from family vactions. Every year we would pack up and head south for a week at the beach. We would usually change our destination every couple of years and I had pretty much traveled the entire East Coast by the time that I was 10 years old. So we continued to travel to various beaches every summer until… (more…)